Imagine your potential clients having the ability to move freely through an interior space several time zones away.  Walk up stairs, look around, up and down in any direction, all from a computer or mobile device.  

Light years beyond the virtual tours of the past, our scanning technology not only creates 360 degree images of the space, it also measures and builds an accurate floor plan and three dimensional model of each interior. 



There was a time when static snapshots were the only way to represent a listing online.  With so many families relocating to North Carolina from all over the country, much of the house hunting research is done online while states away. 

Allowing a potential buyer to experience your listing by walking seamlessly from room to room, look out the windows and really experience the space goes a long way in building their confidence and getting on their list of properties to visit in person.



The only thing better than viewing a floor plan is the ability to click on any room in the layout and instantly be able to walk around in it.  You can view each floor independently or all together.  There is even a 3d dollhouse view that gives a much better visual of a floor plan that traditional flat diagrams. Go ahead, give it a try in the model below.  Be sure to click on the dollhouse icon on the bottom left and spin the model around, look up, down and zoom in.  Then when you're ready, click on a room to walk through it.



Get more qualified potential buyer and tenant showings by letting them walk through the space virtually and view detailed floor plans all before actually setting foot on the property.



Couples, families and businesses planning special gatherings often have limited time for site visits and often look at dozens of venues online before deciding which ones to visit.  The ability to move through your space and look at a floor plan will go a long way toward getting on their short list.

Take a walk through Rose Hill Plantation located in Nashville, NC.  With three levels and nearly 12,000 square feet of space, the Vimmersion experience really allows the viewer to get an idea of the layout.



Give your future customers an opportunity to browse through your space to get a sense of what they'll discover.

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