Q: What's the difference between Priority (paid option) Booking and General (free option) Booking?

A:  The major difference is that the registration period for Priority Portraits opens a full week before general booking. This allows first choice of the desired portrait time and location.

The length of each session and quality of the images are the same.  Priority booking also includes perks such as a product credit and free shipping on a future order as well as exclusive product options like Grandparent albums, greeting cards and digital files.


Q: With Priority Booking, $200 of that applies to my photo order after the ball, what is the other $100 for?

A:  It goes toward covering the costs of including expedited, trackable shipping with your photo order and the production and printing costs of creating and shipping your proof magazine.

Q:  Can I book a session by phone?

A:  All session booking is done through our online system.  If you are having trouble, we are happy to help you through it, though we are unable to complete the signup process for you online.


Q:  How long is the session?

A:  Sessions are fifteen minutes which is the perfect amount of time for our professionals to create several beautiful portraits of your Debutante and your family.  Our goal is to provide you with a wide variety of poses from this session and our artists have the skill and experience to make that happen.


Q:  How many photos will be taken at the session?

A:  Depending on the size of your family, the number of final images from a formal session can range from a dozen for a small group to over thirty images or more for larger groups. Below is a gallery that shows some of the final images chosen by the families.  Many more were shown as proofs, these are the ones chosen for their album.


Q:  If I have two Daughters participating, will I need to book two different sessions?

A:  Not necessary, we typically handle this in one session and still deliver individual and family group images.


Q:  Will my photos be touched up?

A:  Any images ordered as a print or included in an album will be fully retouched and enhanced. (even the party pictures)  Things, like stray hairs, blemishes, shine on skin, major dress wrinkles and exit signs in the background will be removed or toned down when possible.  The only exception is for tan lines.


Q: What are the photo collections I will choose from after the ball?

A: CLICK HERE to view our album collections.  Single print pricing and other a la carte details will be sent with your proof package.