Album Collections

The classic Realm of the Rhododendron  album is a beautiful way to present your images and relive the fond memories for many years.  Collections reflect a substantial discount off of á la carte print pricing and include extra gift prints to share with family, or place in a frame.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orders

Q:  Is it possible to only purchase a few prints without a collection?

A:Yes.  Á la carte print and portrait pricing details are included with your photo proofs.  Any additional prints purchased with a collection receive a substantial discount.  


Q:  Is there a web site where I can see all of the pictures taken of the event?

A: No photos are online.  Each family received their own unique set of proofs either via mail or email. 


Q:  I love more than 75 photos that I want in an album what are my options? 

A:  We could further customize the heirloom collection to include more pages.  The pricing would change to reflect the number of additional pages added and would require a custom quote based on your needs.

Q: How will the inside of my album look?



Keepsake and

Signature Albums

Both are 8x8 in size and include one image per page as shown here. Twenty four photos for the Keepsake and thirty six for the Signature.

Heirloom Album

This album is larger in size than the Keepsake and Signature options (10x10) and custom designed to showcase more than one photo per page.

The example shown is from the album we produced for the 2017 Chief of Staff, David Brown.


Q:  I saw that a "digital image" included in some collections and on the a la carte options.  What is that used for?

A:  Families often use this for their holiday cards, to print and share with friends, or to share on their social media accounts.


Q:  If I choose a digital file, how will I receive it?

A:  After I have retouched and fully enhanced your image, you'll receive an email containing a link that will allow you to download the requested image.


Q:  I just want all of my photos in digital format, but I didn't see that option.  

A:  You didn't miss it.  This option is not offered.


Q:  Can I call and give my order over the phone?

A:  I've found that can lead to some issues.  Better to use the super easy web form.  No money is transacted on the form, so no risk of any nefarious hacking shenanigans.


Q:  I have a question that is not covered here, who do I call?

A:  Call James directly at 919-601-2386