Fashion: Before and After

A lot of folks don’t realize that taking a photo is, maybe on a good day, about 1/10th of what a photographer does. I’m not whining I promise, and I hope this example proves the point.

The fashion shoot for the 2019 issue of Weddings Look Book was scheduled to shoot in mid-August. In this part of the world, lavender blooms peak around late June and don’t tend to stay around for months. Knowing this four months in advance allowed me to have a plan in place well before picking up my camera.

The operating theme for this year’s fashion was “whimsical fairytale” that’s not the name you’ll see in the book, but that’s the feel we wanted to evoke in the images. Fairy tales encompass all of the good and bad in the world, so we had a lot of latitude in making some images moody and others light and magical.

While all of the images received a healthy dose of post-production magic, this one received the most. As you’ll see in the before and after, the only thing left untouched from the original are the models and dresses. This was planned out weeks before shoot day and it took a few hours working on this one image to get the result you see. I purchased a photo of a stormy sky and of a lavender field (nothing is free) and got to work blending everything together.