A Spring Wedding at the Umstead

Spring is in the air and Ivy Robinson has pointed her magic wand the Umstead Hotel & Spa to create an unforgettable experience not only for this couple, but for their family and guests.

I've never seen this level of awesomeness packed into one wedding.  The florals from Kelly Odom were spectacular and Brian even surprised Brittany with a same day video at the beginning of the reception done by the rock star team at Heart Stone Films.  

When the goal is to create an experience, timing is everything.  The instant their video was complete, the huge screen did a kabuki drop to reveal the band.  The music and lights fired up and suddenly the room went from teary-eyed nostalgia to feet on fire dancing.

Well done everyone!

Duke Chapel Wedding

Any day spent creating memories at Duke Chapel is sure to be a good one.  There is so much to see and it's all a treat for the eyes.  

From Duke, we moved to the Umstead Hotel & Spa for the reception where the DJ had the people moving all night long.

Below is Valeisha & Dahntay's wedding album design, where we took the best images from there day and combined them to tell their story.

Summer Wedding at the Umstead

I'll never forget this day.  Everything about it was perfect, and with all the moving parts inherent in any wedding, that's saying a lot.

First, we spent the entire day at the Umstead Hotel and spa where everyone is well taken care of. Next, the ceremony was outdoors overlooking the lake and conditions were perfect for that.  Oh, did I mention that Scott and Celia were having a great time?  Well, that helps just about as much as anything.  

Combine those things with the insane job that Fresh Affairs did on these florals and you have the makings for some seriously enchanting imagery.  

From the hundreds of images we captured that day, what you see below is the album design that uses the very best of those images to tell their wedding day story.