2016 NACE Awards!

February is awards show season!  Triangle NACE is an organization of event professionals who know how to have a good time.

NACE loves a theme and this year's theme was Gone with the Wind. There are so many things I adore about that film and I always cry when Mellie dies.  (I hope I didn't just ruin it for you)  

When I walked into VIP Formal Wear for the tux, I told Mimi that I was attending a gala that would have a "vintage vibe" about it.  She said, "Like 1920s?"  I said "More like 1860s."  "Whoa,  Thant's going back a bit, but I have just the thing."  Yes she did.  Waist coat, ascot.  I was dressed up like a million dollar trooper. (you finish the song from there)

many thanks to  Robin Lin  for the photos!

many thanks to Robin Lin for the photos!

This year I was in the running for two different categories.  One was for photography, (duh) and the other was a joint entry with Southern Bride and Groom for best published editorial for the flower spread we produced together.

Spoiler alert!  I didn't win the photography category, that honor went to my friend Robin Lin, but I TOTALLY DID WIN in the published editorial category!  I got a cool crystal trophy!  Here's a photo of the whole team.  High fives all around!

many thanks to  Robin Lin  for the photos!

many thanks to Robin Lin for the photos!