2017 Weddings Magazine Fashion

These days go by in a blur.  Every single time I begin a Weddings Magazine fashion shoot I say to myself "Ok James, everything is well prepared, you have great people, just work your plan and enjoy the day.  This is going to be great."  Next thing I know, it feels like I woke up three weeks later hung over in the middle of the desert and would swear to you it had all been a dream.  

It turns out that our team came together at Starlight Meadows and did some nice work that day. We were going for a look that takes you back to the freedom land of the 7os (Lana Del Ray reference)  I just don't remember any of it, so instead of telling you about it, I'll show pictures.

I'm not sure why these sessions seem to produce full-on amnesia.  I feel like the guy from Memento and maybe I should tattoo some details about what happened to my leg so I'll remember them later.  This never happens at weddings. Ever. Weird.

How will history remember you? Okay, that's heavy, and we just met, so I'll take the pressure off and begin again by introducing myself. My mission is to help you answer that first question. I want to show you and your world in a way you haven't seen before and at some point hopefully incite a small riot inside your head. An unapologetic Gen-X warrior for self-expression, I help people tell their stories. Not just the pretty and polished, "made for Linkedin" version, but the real essence of their legacy. At my core, I'm a visual artist. The still photographic image has been my story telling medium for decades. Now I use words, images and on the rare occasion images in motion to push others to be more, do more and express more than they originally thought was reasonable. Are you still reading this? Really? I'm impressed. Moving on... I am Southern, though not fried. In my view, Bar-b-que should be enjoyed with any sauce on hand at the time. There is no need to quibble over which style of sauce best compliments. The real question is, "slaw or hushpuppies?" The correct answer is, "yes!".