2017 Weddings Magazine Fashion

These days go by in a blur.  Every single time I begin a Weddings Magazine fashion shoot I say to myself "Ok James, everything is well prepared, you have great people, just work your plan and enjoy the day.  This is going to be great."  Next thing I know, it feels like I woke up three weeks later hung over in the middle of the desert and would swear to you it had all been a dream.  

It turns out that our team came together at Starlight Meadows and did some nice work that day. We were going for a look that takes you back to the freedom land of the 7os (Lana Del Ray reference)  I just don't remember any of it, so instead of telling you about it, I'll show pictures.

I'm not sure why these sessions seem to produce full-on amnesia.  I feel like the guy from Memento and maybe I should tattoo some details about what happened to my leg so I'll remember them later.  This never happens at weddings. Ever. Weird.