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I Just Got Married, Now What?

If we have just completed your wedding photography and you’re wondering what’s next, then you’re in the right place.  Listed below are a few frequently asked questions on next steps.

Q: I can’t wait to see our wedding photos!  What’s the normal time fame for that?

A: Your images are receiving a thorough going over and lots of attention from James.  This process does takes some time, but the results are worth it.  Our normal time frame for having your initial presentation ready is four weeks.  This can be a bit longer during the spring or fall crazy season.  (Um, I mean, busy season)

Q: Remind me again, How will I see our images for the first time?

Review Your Contract
Since it’s probably been a while, included in your package is a copy of our agreement outlining all deliverables, product credits and pricing details included.  Review this information before proceeding to the next step.

Album Confirmation Form
If you have album/ product credit included in your collection you will receive this form by email. Use it to make your official album style selection.  Once we receive this from you by email, we can begin designing your book.  Please note: Nothing further can happen with the album until we receive this form from you.

I notice that there is a proof book included in my package, when does that arrive?

Proof Book
If one or more of these are included in your collection, it will be shipped to you two weeks after your slideshow DVDs.  It’s currently at the printer and will be ready for action when the design process begins.

My package also includes a disc of electronic files.  When can I expect that?

Electronic Files
If included in your collection, these will come to you at the end of the album design process when everything is approved by you and we have retouched all images that will be printed.  This way, you have great looking images for future use.  If we gave you a disc now, it would just include the less awesome, proof version of the images.